iTopography is a mobile application for calculating the area of any surface, based on the assumption that it can be approximated as a polygon of finite number of lines and vertices (points). iTopography is extremely easy to use, and very accurate.

iTopography uses 3 different methods to enter the vertices of the polygon, and we describe each one of them in the section “How to”. In a nutshell:

  • GPS: iTopography uses the GPS device to get the location (Longitude, Latitue, and Altitude) of each point
  • Enter Longitude / Latitude: If you do not want to use the GPS device or if the signal is weak, you can either manually enter the Longitude, Latitude, and Altitude of each point or you can find that point on the map
  • Enter Distance and Angle between points: Now, you need to enter the distance between two adjacent points, and the angle. There is a nice example in the section

In order for iTopography to compute the area of a surface, you must move along the borders of the surface in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. When you insert a point, iTopography connects the adjacent points with a straight line, draws the surface, and calculates the area of the surface and its perimeter.