iOS version 4.3.1

We are excited to announce the release of the iOS version 4.3.1. In this version we improve the UI, especially on iPad devices, we created a new Settings screen, and we improve the code for the GPS device.

iTopography on iPad

On iPad, iTopography app runs in both modes: Portrait and Landscape. We discovered, that the UI of the iTopography app is badly distorted in iPad Pro devices. We fixed it!

Settings Screen

We redesign the Settings screen, and we added some text under each button to help you understand what this button does. Here are a few screenshots of the new Settings screen:

Now, the Settings screen has only two sections:

  • Units: Select the units that you will use in this project
  • Points: Select how you will add the points. In the above screenshot, we need to enter the distances/lengths and angles between the points

If we enable the GPS device or we decide to enter the Longitude/Latitude of each point, a 3rd section appears in the screen:

In the Extra section we select if we want to use the Euclidean coordinates or Spherical coordinates when we compute the distance between two points or the angle between three points. Also, we can select if we want to use the Altitude in the calculation of the distance between two points.

Note, that when the GPS is enabled, we choose the accuracy of the GPS device. This does not mean that we control the accuracy of the GPS device, but, the accuracy that we want to have in our calculations. Thus, if we set the accuracy to be 30m, then, we can add a point only when the GPS device acquires our location with such (or better) accuracy. In other cases, we will see an error message saying that GPS device is not ready.

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