iOS version 4.3.3

We are excited to announce the release of iOS version 4.3.3. This version has some really nice features:

In the list of projects you can swipe your finger horizontally on a row. This will bring up a menu, with three choices.

The Delete button was already available in previous versions. But, now, starting with version 4.3.3, we can Rename the project or Clone it.

If you tap on the button to Clone a project, a new project will be created with the following name

{old project name} clone

In the above screenshot, the second project is a clone of a project, as we can tell from its name. That old project is no longer available.

This new project has the same settings with the old project. If you had added some points in the old project, they are copied in the new project. Of course, this new project is a completely different project, and what ever you do to this project or in the old project, does not affect the other project.

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