iOS version 4.3.5

This version has some changes in the UI, mostly due to the dark them. But, most importantly we fixed a bug in the code that imports DXF files. When we use the iTopography to open a DXF file, iTopography reads the contents of that file and creates a project. When the process is successful we see a message. We won’t see that message when the iTopography was not running, and it was started when we select it to open the DXF file. But, even then, we see a new entry in the list of projects.

DXF Files

iTopography supports reading simple DXF files. This means, that it will create a new project with the points that it found in that file. When you select that project, you can perform all actions that you can on a project that you created with the iTopography app. Thus, you can:

  • Modify points (in the Points screen):
    • Add points
    • Remove points
    • Rearrange points
  • Draw points (in the Map screen):
    • Rearrange points by dragging them
    • Compute height
    • Compute the area of sub-surfaces
  • Calculate distances and angles between points in the Calculate screen
  • Change the units in the Settings screen

For projects that are created from a DXF file, the GPS is disabled, and you can not enter the Longitude/Latitude of a point. Thus, you can enter a point by giving the distance and the angle.

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