Manually Enter the Longitude/Latitude of a Point

In case where the GPS signal of our smartphone device is weak or we have a portable GPS device with high accuracy or we do not want to use the GPS device at all, we can manually enter the Longitude/ Latitude of all points. In the Settings screen we enable the option “Enter Longitude/Latitude”. This action disables the “GPS device” option.

Next, we go back to the “Points” screen to add the points. As with the GPS device, we add a point by clicking on the “+” button. iTopography offers two ways to manually enter the Longitude and Latitude of a point:

  • Type the Longitude / Latitude
  • Find that point on a map

The first case is straight forward. We enter the Longitude, Latitude in the corresponding fields. Also, we can enter the Altitude, and the Accuracy.

Find a point on a map

In most cases we would want to add a point by finding it on a map. This is not only a lot easier than typing the Longitude/Latitude of each point, but it is also a lot faster. The only thing that we have to do know is to long press on a map. Immediately we see a red pin on the map, and the fields Longitude and Latitude (above the map) are filled.

If we like, we can modify the value in the fields of Longitude, Latitude, Accuracy, and Altitude. Once we are ready, we click on the “+” button, in the top right corner, to add the point. We keep doing this until we add all points.


Adding points by entering the Longitude/Latitude of each point is a lot easier than using the GPS device. Mostly, because we can do this at our earliest convenience, inside our house. Secondly, because it is a lot faster, as we know can located the point on a map. Finally, we do not need to worry about accuracy. We can zoom in on the map, and locate the point of interest with an extremely high accuracy.